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Board Meetings: Second Tuesday, every other month, (Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec.)  Stonegate Clubhouse, 6:00 pm

Next Board Meeting: February 13

Annual Meeting: October

Clubhouse Rental:  See form on right for information, call the office or email and leave your name and number to reserve, 805-388-3848, info@anchorcommunitymgt.com

Assessments: $189, due on the 1st, late after the 15th

Make sure your payments are mailed payble to Stonegate, P.O. Box 29197, Phoenix, AZ 85038-9197.  Pay your dues online!  See link on the bottom of this page.

Association Insurance: Steve Reich Insurance, (805) 379-5159, for common area elements only, homeowners should carry insurance on their unit

Recycling Information:  www.cityofventura.net/pw/es/resrecycling

The Association recommends you employ only appropriately licensed and insured contractors.


Please respect the privacy of the Board members.  If you have an issue you need to discuss, please contact the management company (info@anchorcommunitymgt.com), or address the Board at the next Board meeting.  Board members are volunteers and deserve to enjoy their free time!


Trash and Recycling Information - link to EJ Harrison website

Hazardous waste disposal brochure.


Barking Dog Tips


Need ideas for your yard during the drought? 

This is a great resource:  http://www.bewaterwise.com/

List of suggested drought tolerant plants for Stonegate.

Caring for trees during the drought.

Go Paperless!  You can now receive some of the larger mailings from the Association in your inbox, rather than your mailbox.  Help us save money and a few trees - click on the Email Disclosures button to the right.  The form must be signed and sent in via mail, fax or email.

Add yourself to the Stonegate email list.  You will receive notices of water shut-offs, water meter reading dates, renter newsletters, etc.  Your email will be kept strictly private and will not be sold or shared with anyone.

This is for general information only.  To receive documents via email, please fill out and sign the email disclosure form by clicking the "Go Paperless" button to the right.

Name: must be a Stonegate homeowner, or registered tenant or rental property manager.  Unrecognized names will not be added to the list.

Stonegate Address: 1025 Cachuma Ave #

email address:

Home phone:

Work phone:

Cell phone:

Next water meter reading, Saturday, February 3. 

(Usually the first Saturday of even months, unless otherwise notified).

Did you miss the meter reader? Report meter reading by sending an email to info@anchorcommunitymgt.com.

For reminders delivered to your in-box, join the email list (see above).


How to check for leaksTurn off all water using appliances in the home, then go look at the water meter.  If the numbers are moving, you are using water and may have a leak.


Water and Sewer Rates:

Those who use less water are in the lower tiers, and will consequently pay less per hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water.  Conversely, those who use more water than average will find themselves in the higher tiers, which of course are billed at higher rates. Actual water usage in HCF is listed on your statement.


Water Shortage Tiers - rates effective July 2017:
Tier 1: 0-6 HCF        $2.77
Tier 2: 7-10 HCF      $3.75
Tier 3: 11-16 HCF    $6.41
Tier 4: > 16 HCF       $9.64

Service Fee:             $10.80 - The service fee is billed with water usage charge.

2017 Sewer rate & estuary protection:   $53.73

More information: www.cityofventura.net


Water rate notice and information.


Sewer Line Inspection Fact Sheet - see last paragraph on Common Interest Developments (Stonegate is a CID)

Online Payments:

You will need information from your statement to sign up for Mutual of Omaha online payments. 

Click the link above, then select the button:

"Pay by eCheck"

[management code: 3554, association code: 0000SG, account number, example: SG123]


Pay Online via credit card:

Service fees apply.   Pay by 4:30 pm PST for same day credit.


Automatic Assessment Payment Form

Have your assessments paid automatically by filling out this form.  Account must be paid in full to commence service.

Common Area Repair Request


Detailed Location (please be specific, i.e. bush by certain address, etc.)




Stonegate address 1025 Cachuma Ave #


Please include email in case we need more information.  Anonymous requests will be disregarded as their validity cannot be determined.






Board Agenda

Stonegate Rules

Architectural Form

Paint Guidelines

RV Lot Form

Clubhouse Form

Online Registration

Mail In Registration

Clubhouse Form


Go Paperless!

Newsletter Archive

Sample: Insurance Special Event Endorsement (required to rent clubhouse)


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be obtained for free on http://www.adobe.com

When you print, use Adobe's print button, not the button on your browser.


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